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Happy secret recipe

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Happy secret recipe
Announce today is my day.
1. Listed 5 you like but the thing that does rarely, for example: Buy see beautiful clothes, bathe, the good movie of guard the threshing floor, book that listens to beautiful music, anthology to like is done coffee is being drunk to hear music in Mcdonald's, tired when now and then look up the crowd that admires come and go. You also can be striven for together for oneself do these 5 things.
2. Do not say: "Wanted me to decrease 10 kilograms only, want me to have a boy friend only, wanted me to change new job only, I am met happy. " after why pushing joy? The job that finish, read an article, arrange good room, wash today's dress, even if small success, also can bring you joy.
3. Make oneself a few busier
Do not try evasive world, you are mixed at the job more make friend, you can cast worry after be troubled by more.
4. Do some of good work for other
This can make your mood breaks away from anguish not only, and also make accordingly others gets pleasure. You look: You are how nice person!
5. Smile
Consider to show, we are OK " cheat " our body enters happy state, although we are done not have,feel happy truly. Smile and real joy are same, can be opposite our heart, blood pressure, head, produce actual impetus.
6. The action rises!
If you can control your anxious account, for example: The job of the deadline that finish, so, do instantly. The circumstance of the harm that makes your worry you get tells a good friend, act instantly, place emergence from inside painful mood.
7. Accept such fact: Without the person of perfect.
We often compare oneself and another person: Work quite, accomplish quite, quite exterior, compare ability; But, our oversight their defect and problem. Notice, neither one person is perfect.
8. Come to oneself transform.
Feel happy to oneself appearance, it is the half of mental joy. Those who change a new hair style, face that make spread nurse, wear again appropriate and relaxed dress. Self-confidence and the person of got-up appearance, can win the respect with more other.
9. Want ego care.
Probably when childhood, when you joyless, your mother can let you wash hot water bath; Now, you can be yourself lukewarm cup heats up tea, static on the bed lie a little while. You are already grown, capable ego care, beg joy oneself.
10. Do evaluate.
All things that do you in former days are written down. Now, you can see, life unlike what you think is so bad.
11. Want movement!
The mood is joyless, our vigor mixes meeting loss energy, accordingly, use motion to promote metabolism, it is very important. Haemal supply increase, can increase your energy not only, and the psychosis that still can improve you.
12. Give oneself a kind of not quite expensive herb life-giving agent.
They are sweetgrass essence, drop a few can make you are inspired with enthusiasm, the unhappy break up in your heart. You do not think this is bagatelle and do not do.