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Life has too much but, just can be full of so expect!

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Life, be just like is a large stage, our everybody, it is a good actor, no more than is the part that acts respectively differs. Well-known actress, also have buffoon, have the obverse side, also have the reverse side, in actual life is same also, happiness also has anguish at the same time, joy can have sadness, affection can have trouble, have get can having more abandoning, hopeful can have disappointment, still have, very very much, much helpless, helpless...

Having very much thing is good
But cannot everybody can be had
That is money

The extravagant hopes that has a lot of lets a person envy
But can look only and go no further
That is character

The life that has a lot of reality makes a person yearning
But can struggle only
That is the person that the target has a lot of him love cannot lean close to of photograph of depend on each other

But can lovesickness is in love
That is missed namely

Have a lot of lovers cannot lifelong pull a hand
But can hard longing
That regrets namely

Have a lot of love beyond expression
But can conceal in the heart only
That is dark love the way that a lot of go wrong to cannot come again from the beginning
But can one fault is again wrong
That is confused

The anguish that has a lot of cannot pour out
But can go only ego is comforted
That is secret anguish

The good life that has a lot of is in to our beck
But can make arduous efforts only
That goes all out in work namely the lot that has a lot of can encounter together
But can be only in the heart be pleased with oneself
That is tacit

The beautiful woman that has a lot of cannot attributive oneself are all
But can go only secretly appreciation

That is groan friends! Hope we want to value the thing that we can have quite, want to had managed oneself rural treasure land meticulously, especially in actual life, want bosom magnanimous, each in face the life thing of the calm, each person all round genial treatment, had passed happily each days, spend every happily temporarily, happy blend in a second, only such, we just won't feel have too much, too much regret...

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