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Know question and answer of contagion of phthisical number one

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1, director of center of tuberculosis of horse and foot of the 309th hospital is engaged in liberation army of Professor Wang Wei job of clinical medical treatment reachs his nearly 30 years to tuberculosis of relevant disease diagnose differentiate diagnose and cure has rich clinical experience to obtain commend for many times to publish book paper many. (Zun Tu)

2, center of tuberculosis of horse and foot of the 309th hospital is engaged in liberation army of doctor of Wang Zhongyuan vice director job of clinical make a diagnosis and give treatment is opposite tuberculosis 20 years to the diagnosis and treatment of disease of each tuberculosis, respiratory system works and high the rescue of heavy patient has rich experience to publish a paper many. (right graph)

Compere: Audience friends, you are good! The CCTV is here " healthy road " direct seeding program, what we chat today is the problem of phthisical respect.

Aside: Here is an office that disease of China of national Ministry of Public Health dominates a center, it is this average office, the figure that announces from here everyday during SARS is affecting the heart of the people of the whole country, after SARS passes, here continues to produce its effect, monitor the situation of an all sorts of our country contagion. Today will be on December 10, ministry of Public Health of 10 days of countries can consolidate case of epidemic situation of newest to grandfather cloth our country contagion, our discovery comes on those who count a platoon to be in the first is tuberculosis.

Li Lun (Beijing goes in for sth in a large scale hospital of Venus of guard of Ou Xigong door) : Meet unexpectedly we should have such patient register, undertake the network signs up for continuously next. Tuberculosis belongs to second kind contagion, must be as rural hospital inside 24 hours of the regulation report the illness.

Aside: Since implementing contagion report system from our country as we have learned, of tuberculosis come on number is discharged all the time be in the first, annual our country should add patient of 1.5 million tuberculosis newly, among them 650 thousand infectious, in the whole world the platoon is in the 2nd.

Compere: A kind of what kind of contagion is tuberculosis after all?

Wang Wei: Tuberculosis is the respiratory tract infection that causes by bacili of n/med tuberculosis element, the history of the history of enroach on mankind and mankind grows euqally almost, basically be pass respiratory tract flying foam infect, cause do not get tuberculosis besides hair, tooth, fingernail beyond, each viscera can produce the whole body tubercular a kind of such contagion, tuberculosis is the mainest.

Wang Zhongyuan: Global tuberculosis epidemic situation

2 billion person affects n/med tuberculosis bacterium

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