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Treat sexual tuberculosis hard M Alti-Drug Resistance TB analyses a specificatio

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One, definition:

Treating sexual tuberculosis hard is to point to fight n/med tuberculosis cure 2 years to above phlegmy bacterium still lasts or relapse electropositive person.

2, the pathogeny:

(one) after tuberculosis refuses treatment, be able to bear or endure medical problem is serious, wait for 3 kinds to basically fight n/med tuberculosis drug to S, H, R, E, Z, P at least or 3 kinds of above are able to bear or endure medicine or be able to bear or endure entirely medicine.

(2) it is difficult that deputy reaction brings about the poison that fights n/med tuberculosis medicaments to the rule uses drug and be not caused treat.

(3) coexist ill (the application of ulcer of disease of mental disease, diabetic, silicosis, liver, gravid birth lactation, epileptic, digestibility, cortin) with amalgamative disease (haemoptysis, pneumothorax, breathe out decline with the heart) existence, make phthisical patient curative effect not beautiful, cause chronic platoon bacterium and form treat hard.

(4) phthisical patient did not manage during fighting n/med tuberculosis to treat, development is formed treat hard.

(5) some tuberculosis patient, there is a symptom when be being sent first or the symptom is not apparent, cause discovery defer, when diagnose pathological changes is more serious already (pathological changes limits reachs available hole extensively) , fight n/med tuberculosis to treat the effect not ideal and it is difficult to become treat.

(6) individual patient age is older (> 60 years old) , airframe resistance is poor, immune function drops, especially cellular immunity function is low, cause fight n/med tuberculosis to treat hard collect effect, cause treat hard.

(7) the patient that contracts disease of sex of immune function blemish individually, amalgamative tuberculosis is easy cause treat a gender hard; This kind of patient says again " without reactivity n/med tuberculosis " .

3, symptom, body ask forring:

(one) symptom:

N/med tuberculosis of 1 , whole body is toxic symptom: Low afternoon heat, can appear when lung focus of a disease diffuses high fever, angular, lack of power, inappetence, anaemic, night sweat, female patient but menstruate is not moved or amenorrhoea; Give out heat without reactivity n/med tuberculosis wait for noxiousness symptom but not apparent.

2, respiratory tract symptom: Cough, cough a few white are stuck phlegmy or for urgent bosom of dry cough, phlegmy blood or haemoptysis, gas frowsty, bosom is painful etc.

(2) body ask forring:

Temperature 38 the following, also can be as high as 39 - 40, tracheal shift, pectoral corridor cave in, narrow of costal region clearance, percussion voiced sound, breathing sound is abate, do wet sex Luo Yin, also can not have body of apparent pathology sex to ask for.